Life im Colour: White/Silver

I didn’t think I’d have another picture to add to Jude’s White/Silver challenge but I suddenly remembered the whiteness of lovely Stavanger in Norway, and I offer a selection to link to Jude here.

A hilly, colourful street in Stavanger

Link to Jude here.

8 thoughts on “Life im Colour: White/Silver”

    1. Your welcome. My happiest memory from there was the number of young people – I mean teenagers – walking along eating fresh fruit from paper cups. What a change from most of our teens who seem to exist on burgers or other large pieces of breaded snacks!

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  1. Such a gorgeous scene. Norway is a country I’d like to see a bit more of when we are able. I’m having a bit of a Noggy moment just now as I’ve been watching Ragnarok on Netflix, a Norwegian show based on the mythology. And drinking Norwegian gin. I’m thinking since I can’t travel, I’ll just indulge myself where I can!

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    1. The myths I’ll leave to you but I wouldn’t mind having a go at the Norwegian gin. Never tried it, and when I was there I stuck to beers which were exorbitant, but at least affordable. The price of spirits was in the stratosphere.

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      1. Yes, I made the mistake of ordering an Aperol. Let’s just say I made it last! If you get the chance Harrahorn gin is lovely, hard to get a hold of though.


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