Life in Colour 24 – Red

Connected to Jude’s Life in Colour here.

Just two more days before the end of this month’s challenge and I offer some reds from Japan. I rather belatedly remembered that it’s a country where red is a favourite colour. It’s taken me ages to downsize them as I seem to have lost my ‘Optimize button for web use’ in the upgrade of the programme I normally would use for this purpose, so I’ve had to do each one individually. A few more tomorrow.

A Few More Reds

Linked to Life in Colour at Jude’s here

I’ve found a few more reds, two from St. Malo (France) and two from Belfast (N. Ireland)

First up St. Malo and my favourite restaurant which serves up moules in every way you could wish. My all-time favourite is the traditional mariniere style, and I like a spoon and some good fresh bread to sup up the delicious liquid that remains in the navy enamel bowl after the moules have been dispatched.

A Photo with Memories

I mis-read a photo challenge a few days ago and after much thought and recollections, I dug out some memorable photos only to realize they were not what was required. Regardless, I’ll put the first one up as when I looked at it again it carried me back a few years to a brilliant holiday in Sydney with a young friend who died of Covid last year. We had a simply perfect holiday with him, his wife and two children and I miss him still. He’s not in the picture by the way. This is just one I took on a day that sticks in my memory. So, thank you John, RIP.

Lifeguards on Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW

One Word Sunday – Bridge

A selection of lesser known bridges away from the crowds in London, where life is slow, barges are still transporting goods on the river, and the peace and calm is a far cry from the hub and bustle of the Thames we are more familiar with.

Then a hop over to Seville in Spain, where there are some spectacular bridges over the Guadalquivir River. These are just two, the first one being the modern Alamillo Bridge by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava, and the second one, built in the mid-19th century, is the equally famous Triana Bridge.

Red Transport

I haven’t posted for some time but I’ve been reading all your posts. So back again, dipping a cautious foot in first.

This week Jude asked for images of red transport and after delving into the archives and finding mostly slides, I finally came up with something that qualifies, I think. Although the fire engine isn’t showing very much, I hope the fire-station will provide enough colour, but there is a red vehicle in one of the pictures so I haven’t completely failed in my attempt to provide some red transport. These date back about 25 years I think.

The captions in this theme are hard to read unless you high-light them but the two pictures are of the Fire-Station in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

Fire Station, Ponce, Puerto Rico. The red tiled frontage is a bonus!

This time the station has the local tram in front, and as luck would have it, it is red!