Silent Sunday: Swinburne’s Grave

Swinburne is not one of the poets one hears much quoted today but in his time he was a force to be reckoned with as he upset the status quo being both a rebel and a radical. Swinburne's last resting place, Bonchurch, Isle of Wight Swinburne was a radical character and an alcoholic, with leanings … Continue reading Silent Sunday: Swinburne’s Grave

From Trash to Cash

Image by Francoise Gisbert for Pixabay Sunday Photo Fiction Summer’s over, the chairs are wrecked, I’ll pile ‘em up, see if I can balance them and maybe make a bridge for the cats to walk over before I trash them (the chairs, not the cats).  Hmm.  Looks quite good against the sky.  O-M-G, I’ve created … Continue reading From Trash to Cash

The Future is Now

(Sunday Photo Fiction) Photo courtesy of Sue-Z You don't know about CCTV yet, you think I'm just an image on a computer. But moggie, I'm watching you! Things have moved along since you first pawed a laptop and back here I have your number! I see how your eyes narrow and your tail twitches when … Continue reading The Future is Now