Pull Up a Seat: Photo Challenge

We are in Seville for both of my seats, the first one a lovely tiled seat in the Plaza de España which I've mentioned in another post here, a gorgeous extravagance of tiles, walkways, streams, bridges, more tiles, all within the Parque de Doña Maria Luisa. A very elegant tiled bench in Plaza de España, … Continue reading Pull Up a Seat: Photo Challenge

Sculpture Saturday: Seville

In the lovely Maria Luisa Park in Seville is a monument to the Spanish poet Gustavo Adolfo Becquer and his poem Amor Eterno (Eternal Love). The statue depicts three women symbolizing the three states of love, excited love, possessed love and love lost. Behind them are two bronze pieces, 'wounded love' and 'love hurts' and … Continue reading Sculpture Saturday: Seville

Federico Garcia Lorca: Poet and Playwright

Escultura de Federico García Lorca ubicada en el Paseo del Prado de Fuente Vaqueros, Granada. If you are interested click here I've received some excellent images from the Granada Tourist Board to illustrate the post uploaded earlier today and it has been edited to show these. I have also included a video I have found … Continue reading Federico Garcia Lorca: Poet and Playwright

Federico García Lorca, Poet & Playwright

The Poet and Playwright, Federico García Lorca The name Ian Gibson, authority on Spain’s greatest poet, Federico García Lorca, came up in a discussion with Marie over at HopsSkipsandJumps, and reminded me of my trip to visit Lorca’s village in Fuente Vaqueros near Granada.  It is many years since I visited it but the memory … Continue reading Federico García Lorca, Poet & Playwright

Challenge your Camera: Steps and Stairs.

Steps and Stairs Challenge linked to Dr. B's challenge at Dr. B’s Challenge your Camera. What better place to start Steps and Stairs with than The Spanish Steps in Rome. The Spanish Steps, Rome Still in Italy, it's a steep walk to the top of the amphitheatre in Verona during the Opera Festival there but … Continue reading Challenge your Camera: Steps and Stairs.

Challenge your Camera # Churches

Linked to Dr. B at Challenge your Camera here Palermo Cathedral (Sicily) and detail The Victorian Christchurch, Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK (consecrated 1847) St. Michael's Cathedral, Lucca, Italy Notre Dame, Rouen, France Two famous Isle of Wight churches: Left - the 14th-15th century All-Saints church at Godshill and Right - the 12th century St. … Continue reading Challenge your Camera # Churches

DIJON – More Than Just Mustard

Dijon is more than just mustard, however: it is one of France's great Museum cities and what's more, all of them offer free entry! It is a medieval town with some wonderful architecture, and as the capital of Burgundy it is an ideal base for touring this famous wine region.

A Night at the Opera

It is 10.00 pm and I’m standing outside the walls of Lucca waiting for the coach to take me to the Opera. My modest attire stands out among the Italians who are, as usual, dressed to kill, the bling, puffery and beautiful people determined to show la bella figura to the world of music. We … Continue reading A Night at the Opera

10-day Photo Challenge: 8

Ooops! I think I missed one. Nominated by my namesake Marie, at Hops, Skips and Jumps for the 10 Travel Photos in Ten Days challenge, this Challenge involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day and nominating ten bloggers – that’s 10 travel pictures and 10 nominations in ten days. Lucky there’s no text required so … Continue reading 10-day Photo Challenge: 8