An Artist in Ice

and dominating the arrangement is a huge beautifully carved Ice Bird, the wings almost translucent, the neck an opaque white and the wings poised as though to take flight.  In a few hours it will have dissolved into a puddle.

Challenge your Camera: Steps and Stairs.

Steps and Stairs Challenge linked to Dr. B's challenge at Dr. B’s Challenge your Camera. What better place to start Steps and Stairs with than The Spanish Steps in Rome. The Spanish Steps, Rome Still in Italy, it's a steep walk to the top of the amphitheatre in Verona during the Opera Festival there but … Continue reading Challenge your Camera: Steps and Stairs.

Silent Sunday: Thai Beach

The lights have gone out and a lone visitor to the Shrine looks out over the waves. Early morning on the beach at Thailand at one of the many shrines along the water. Local people come here to leave offerings to the Lord Buddha, in the form of lotus flowers, small portions of cooked rice, … Continue reading Silent Sunday: Thai Beach

10-Day Travel Photo Challenge

Thanks to my namesake Marie, at Hops, Skips and Jumps for the nomination. The Travel Challenge involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day and nominating another ten blogger - That’s 10 days, 10 travel pictures, 10 nominations, and 0 explanations! Some of my favourites you may have seen before but I'll do my … Continue reading 10-Day Travel Photo Challenge

One Word Sunday: History

The Grand Palace, Bangkok Linked to One Word Sunday here. In January 2004 the grandson of the then King of Thailand, King Bhumibol, was killed in the tsunami that swept through much of S.E. Asia. Born Bhumi Jensen in 1983, he was the son of the King's eldest daughter, Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya and her former American … Continue reading One Word Sunday: History


Only the Singing Bamboos It actually was a Sunday and the silence was all enveloping, as was the humidity. I had to turn back after half an hour as I couldn't cope with the perspiration dripping into my eyes, the mozzies, the dampness all around me and the general feeling of too much growth and … Continue reading SILENT SUNDAY: KHAO SOK NATIONAL PARK, THAILAND.