A Ticket to Ryde – and Then a Walk

A bus to Ryde (Isle of Wight) through villages and towns, down country lanes and across high Downs, to take a coastal walk along the sands at Appley Beach, a walk full of interest, from dogs on the beach (my favourite was the Caucasian Shepherd which refused to stand still to be photographed) to horses … Continue reading A Ticket to Ryde – and Then a Walk

A Cricket Match in Samoa

Apu, our driver, was a big man, two metres tall and weighing about 100 kilogrammes. He stood before us, barefoot in an ankle-length blue and white lava-lava, a crisp white shirt, and a jaunty red hibiscus in his hair.

The Cassowarry!

Featured image credit: andyasskwoo from Pixabay It's one of those OMG moments when something I'd been told about but could scarcely believe, actually happened. I wrote about the Australian Cassowarry in a post a few months ago and now today I read that the bird has actually killed someone. Image by Anja Schröder from Pixabay … Continue reading The Cassowarry!

Dreamtime on the Daintree

I found the wander.essence.com site by following a link on a recent post by restlessjo and this has prompted me to enter Cathy's prose challenge.  Intention?  Just to try to convey some of the fun of that particular day. My Australian images are not in the computer, nor can I find them on my external … Continue reading Dreamtime on the Daintree

Australia: Destinations Perth and Cairns

Perth offers a gentle welcome to the visitor heading for Australia for the first time.  Its superb location by the Swan River, white sandy beaches on the nearby Indian Ocean, cultural attractions and a cuisine to rival that of Sydney, makes every visit a pleasure. Apart from beach activities, including great surfing, the city itself  offers … Continue reading Australia: Destinations Perth and Cairns