The Third Man and Vienna

I found this other Vienna in a little museum hidden down a residential side-street in the Margareten neighbourhood - The Third Man Museum.  The sole focus of this private exhibition which exists without sponsors and without subsidies is Carol Reed’s now-legendary film and the history of the time, and it is the perfect antidote to too many palaces and pastries.

Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese: Famous Old London Pub

Banjobacon, A few days ago, reading a reference to a part of London I once worked in, took me back to my favourite pub there, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese in Fleet Street, one of the oldest pubs in the City of London.   There has been a pub at this location since 1538 but it … Continue reading Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese: Famous Old London Pub

A Walk for Edward Thomas

I can no longer walk the distances or climb the hills that would warrant inclusion in Restless Jo’s Monday Walks but looking through my photographs today I came across one of me beside the Memorial Stone to the poet, Edward Thomas, taken about 30 or more years ago, way back in the days when I … Continue reading A Walk for Edward Thomas

Spring just around the corner

Hush, hush, whisper who dare, plants are a-budding and spring's in the air. Sorry about that paraphrasing but with everything springing into life in my garden today I couldn't resist it. Daphne, Pink Camellia, Red Camellia I think these may have been out for a couple of days but the weather has been so inclement … Continue reading Spring just around the corner

Challenge your Camera # Churches

Linked to Dr. B at Challenge your Camera here Palermo Cathedral (Sicily) and detail The Victorian Christchurch, Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK (consecrated 1847) St. Michael's Cathedral, Lucca, Italy Notre Dame, Rouen, France Two famous Isle of Wight churches: Left - the 14th-15th century All-Saints church at Godshill and Right - the 12th century St. … Continue reading Challenge your Camera # Churches

Silent Sunday

Behind the ramparts and the glitzy hotels, the shops, bars and restaurants, the local population of Dubrovnik live in steeply stepped streets like these. It would really focus the mind on up-dating the shopping list if one had to think of negotiating these steps every time a litre of milk was needed!

Saturday Sculpture Vimy War Memorial, France.

The Vimy War Memorial is located approximately eight kilometres northeast of Arras and is the centrepiece of a 250-acre preserved battlefield park that encompasses a portion of the area over which the Canadians made their assault during the initial Battle of Vimy Ridge. The imposing structure stands amid craters and unexploded munitions that still honeycomb the grounds which remain largely closed off to the public for reasons of safety/

Saturday Sculpture

Mary Magdalene with the Risen Christ by David Wynne (1967) This sculpture by David Wynne stands outside the entrance to St. Dunstan's Chapel in Ely Cathedral and depicts the moment when Mary Magdalene recognizes Christ after he has risen from his tomb. Next to it is a plaque, which reads: "This striking sculpture by David Wynne … Continue reading Saturday Sculpture

Ol’ Blue Eyes in Norway

It was when I read Jo-Jo's blog, Snow Capped Memories of Lapland, and she described how "...the dogs were much smaller and less fluffy than the pet husky’s I know. Strong and lean and frisky – like highly attuned race horses just itching to take off..." that I had a vivid recollection of my day with the huskies. I, too, was surprised that the huskies were lean and much smaller than I had imagined and I was told that these are the real working dogs of northern Scandinavia, not the heavily fur-coated ones we see on TV and films.