Sculpture Saturday: New Orleans

Statue to famous philanthropist New Orleans Philanthropist Malcolm Woldenberg in conversation with young boy Once lined with crumbling warehouses Woldenberg Park (opened in 1984 for the World Fair) is now a pleasant walkway along the Mississippi offering scenic views of the river. It's a great place for people watching as it attracts tourists and locals … Continue reading Sculpture Saturday: New Orleans

Silent Sunday: New Orleans, St. James’s Cemetery

It doesn't get much more silent that this! St. Louis Cemetery No. 1 It was featured in the classic 1969 film, Easy Rider, and one of the over 700 tombs there has been reserved by actor Nicholas Cage as his final resting place. Founded in 1789 the cemetery houses over 100,000 deceased, including the grave of … Continue reading Silent Sunday: New Orleans, St. James’s Cemetery

Tijuana – in the shade of the USA

It seems we can't escape newspaper articles, radio reports and TV programmes about the border between the USA and Mexico, and all this has led me to think of my travels along that border some years ago.  I wrote an article at the time for The Traveller magazine and I thought it might be interesting … Continue reading Tijuana – in the shade of the USA

San Francisco’s Cable Cars

My first time in San Francisco and I felt as though I were in a state of shock.  It looked just like the movies but it was real, very real.   From the “Vietnam vets.” hustling for dollars and dimes at Fisherman’s Wharf and Haight Ashbury, to the open-sided cable cars grinding and ringing their way up … Continue reading San Francisco’s Cable Cars


I have just won third prize in a Travel Writing competition run by the Society of Women Writers & Journalists in the UK and I thought I'd put the piece up this week as my blog. The article is about New Orleans' recovery after Huricane Katerina had nearly destroyed it.  For some, it did totally … Continue reading NEW ORLEANS IS JAZZIN’ AGAIN

Photography Challenge 101: Landscape

Took me a while to think about some landscapes, and unfortunately, I was unable to get out and about to photograph some, so here is a selection of some of my favourites.   This was taken on a fairly good day in Chicago from the top of the famous landmark, the Sears' Tower.  The skyline … Continue reading Photography Challenge 101: Landscape

Tribute to Allen Toussaint

friends, fans and fellow stars joined together to mourn the legend but stayed to cheer his legacy. This legacy was celebrated by an all-star lineup of singers and musicians who took to the stage to perform his songs in genres that covered his work, pop, R&b, gospel and even funk. The recently re-opened theatre rocked.

Deliverance in Louisiana

In response to The Daily Post's weekly photo challenge: "Creepy." Not everyone finds the place creepy, but I do. The air is hot and humid, eerily still as the electric boat moves slowly through the swampy waters of the Louisiana bayous whose trees are hung with ghostlike, gossamer-fine, Spanish Moss.  I can't see the shore … Continue reading Deliverance in Louisiana