Thursday’s Special Words

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First up is Impregnable and I give you The White Cliffs of Dover. We don’t know if they are but it’s a good song and a nice idea.

The White Cliffs of Dover

and not far from here is Dover Castle which commands the Strait of Dover, the shortest sea crossing between England and continental Europe, a position of strategic importance throughout history and whose underground tunnels housed troops. war rooms and hospitals from the early 19th century right up until the Second World War 1939-45.

The castle visible today was established by Henry II (r.1154–89), in the decade 1179–89, creating at Dover the most advanced castle design in Europe, a sophisticated building that combined defence with a palatial residence.

Dover Castle, Kent

Next word is Volte Face and there are so many in the political field today that it’s hard to choose. However, anyone who reads politics these days must agree that the winner in any volte face competition has to be

Boris Johnson

Linked to Thursday’s Special at Paula’s here

10 thoughts on “Thursday’s Special Words”

  1. I’d love to walk that cliff top but I never have. I do think I’ve been to Dover Castle though… so long ago it could be another life. 🙂 🙂
    You made me smile with your volte face nominee. And then scowl!

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    1. It’s some years since I walked that cliff (maybe about 10) but I have visited the Castle a few times since then. It’s one castle I love and I’m especially fond of the hospital rooms down in the tunnels (complete with screams from injured soldiers being operated on without anaesthetic). I think it’s the child in me!

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