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A photo challenge sometimes entered weekly, sometimes monthly, it depends on what photos I have available. It also means thinking outside the box sometimes and I confess I’m not great at doing that.

Life in Colour – White/Silver

I never thought I’d find a photograph that would show something in silver but guess what? I found one that I took a couple of years ago on quick trip from Vienna to Bratislava. I was looking for something else entirely and voila – there it was. So, my silver statue of a dapper, man-about-town off to the theatre, is my offering for Life in Colour – Silver.

Silver statue in main square in Bratislava

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Life in Colour 21

Link to Jude here. Jude has asked for White or Silver this month.

First up, a couple of Spain’s White Villages, whose whiteness demands sunglasses at all times to cut the glare.

Snow on the Italian Alps as I last flew over (1918)
Isle of Wight Garlic. The IoW farm also grows and sells the rarer black garlic.
View to the Jungfrau from Rigi in Switzerland with snow in between.

Pick a Word – March, 2021

Linked to Paula’s Challenge Pick a Word here.


I tried to find something other than horses that could be associated with Equine but I’ve hit a blank wall, so here are three from different countries.


And what could gleam more than the highly polished antique cars in the Beaulieu Motoer Museum in Hampshire, UK.

And still gleaming, what about the white terraces formed from sedimentary rock deposits of hot springs at Pamukkale in Turkey.



Jagged means mountains and rocks to me, pieces of wood and jagged edges on textiles but for want of either textile or wood, I offer you some rocks in France and mountains in Switzerland.


Buffets come in many sizes and from budget to stratospheric. I think one of the finest ways to enjoy buffet food (and the safest) is street food in Thailand or Singapore where it is always served fresh and hot from the pan (unlike hotel food which is often cooked much earlier and then put on display). These pictures are all from Thailand’s night-markets where it’s fun to meet up with friends, grab a table and go from stall to stall buying your food and sharing – a true buffet experience.

And here’s the bit of posh from my favourite hotel in Thailand, the Dusit Thani in Hua Hin.

10-Day Travel Photo Challenge: 4

My namesake Marie at Hops, Skips and Jumps has nominated me to take part in the Travel Photo Challenge which involves posting one favourite travel picture each day for ten days and nominating another blogger to do the same – that’s 10 travel pictures and 10 nominations in ten days. Luckily, there’s no text required so I may make it to Day 10 despite Covid and Christmas.

Some you may have seen before but I’ll do my best to find something different each day. It’s hard to decide whether I like a picture because I think it is good or because it reminds me of happy times – sometimes it’s both and that’s a plus.

Today I nominate Bert and Rusha  at Oh, the Places we See, for the challenge. I hope you are able to join in as your pictures are so good, but if not, no pressure. If you do decided to join, please ping back to me to let me know.