Walking Distance

Linked to Debbie's quotation-inspired image here. "Everywhere is within walking distance if you have the time. Steven Wright Two images from Sicily. Mountain Tracks seen from Castledemola Mountain Trails in Sicily

Flowers in Springtime

I admire the many photographs of gardens and flowers other people post on their sites and walking around my minute plot this afternoon I thought I'd do something similar.  I think it's a sort of displacement activity as I haven't been in a writing mood for some time now, nor have I remembered to take … Continue reading Flowers in Springtime

Weekly Photo Challenge – ORANGE

What cold be more orange that these gorgeous Spanish oranges.  The very sight of them makes me salivate remembering how they tasted.  How come we never seem to get really juicy oranges these days? I never did find out why these young monks were changing their robes in the street by the Grand Palace in … Continue reading Weekly Photo Challenge – ORANGE