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A Photo with Memories

I mis-read a photo challenge a few days ago and after much thought and recollections, I dug out some memorable photos only to realize they were not what was required. Regardless, I’ll put the first one up as when I looked at it again it carried me back a few years to a brilliant holiday in Sydney with a young friend who died of Covid last year. We had a simply perfect holiday with him, his wife and two children and I miss him still. He’s not in the picture by the way. This is just one I took on a day that sticks in my memory. So, thank you John, RIP.

Lifeguards on Bondi Beach, Sydney, NSW

The Cassowarry!

Featured image credit: andyasskwoo from Pixabay

It’s one of those OMG moments when something I’d been told about but could scarcely believe, actually happened.

I wrote about the Australian Cassowarry in a post a few months ago and now today I read that the bird has actually killed someone.

Image by Anja Schröder from Pixabay

The cassowary, a large, flightless bird native to Australia and PNG, kept as a breeding bird, had attacked and killed its Florida owner on his own property in Gaineville, Alachua County, when he fell last Friday. It is thought the bird killed his victim using its long 10cm. dagger-like claws.

Cassowaries can be 1.8 metres (6 ft.) tall and the website of the San Diego Zoo describes them as the worlds most dangerous birds and says that it can slice open any predator with a single swift kick.

So, our Australian guide wasn’t just winding me up when he told me about them. Sorry, I misjudged you, Ray!