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Colour 20 – Purple

Linked to Life in Colour: Purple – by Heyjude from Travel Words.

Nearly the end of May and I can still only find flowers to illustrate the colour purple. Nothing else catches my eye on my walk through the town so here are just a few garden flowers.

First up is the everlasting wallflower (Erysimum Bowles), much too big for its position right by my side gate and creeping over the steps, but the butterflies and the bees love it so here it stays. It’s not really purple, it’s what my generation would call mauve.

Erysimum Bowles or Everlasting Wallflower to give it it’s popular name.

Favourite pansies next, one bordering on blue perhaps but edging towards the purplish I think.

And lastly, lavender, without which no garden is complete. This one is a particular favourite and I’ve taken a cutting from a more sprawling version in the garden to have it outside my bedroom door.