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Linked to Thursday’s Special at Paula’s here

A few days ago I published a post under the same title using two of Paula’s suggested words, and now I’m following up with another – Cuisine.

A couple of years ago I attended the Artusian Food and Wine Festival in Forlimpopuli in Italy, a festival that runs for ten days (I was only there for two) and which is run in honour of the father of modern Italian cookery Pelegrino Artusi (1820-1911). Mention him to any Italian chef and he will be instantly familiar with the name.

The Festival is about “home cooking” and “eating well”, and during the festival the town is thronged with food lovers, the streets and Piazza’s are re-named to connect with the Artusi cookery book, and day and night there are food tastings, packed restaurants, speciality menus, concerts, events, street musicians and happy people.

Piazza Artusi – re-named for festival
Night time and the eating continues at the Artusi Festival
The tasting tent for Philippine food

I had planned a return this year but the festival was cancelled. I hope to make it next year as I yearn for that full-on festival atmosphere (without drunkenness, muddy fields or portaloos) which, it seems, you only get in the Mediterranean countries.

Thanks again to Paula for her inspiration.