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Weekly Photo Challenge: Future

I’ve recently moved house and am still coming to grips with making a new garden.  This year I’m trying to grow roses in pots but if this doesn’t work I shall replant them next year in a new rose bed I hope to make.  I had a large rose garden in my former home which I can’t hope to replace as I’ve downsized drastically.

However,  roses are my favourite flowers, and I’ve bought ten super plants, all highly perfumed Old English species, mostly repeat flowering and with their heady scents they shall have pride of place on my bedroom balcony.

This is my future.  Whether they will bloom as the labels show is a moot point, but ……………. we live in hope.  Wish me well.

My favourite rose (for its appearance and sunny look from early June until nearly December where I live) is Tequila Sunrise.  I thought I had an image of this from my old garden but it seems to have disappeared from the folder.  But here is another of my favourites, Gertrude Jekyll, which I’ve bought again and if it shows blooms like this one, my future will indeed be bright.

Some of the other roses I’ve bought are Thomas a Beckett, Grace, James Galway, the Alnwick Rose, Iceberg.   Rose aficionados will recognise some of them.

Rose 2