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Challenge your Camera: Steps and Stairs.

Steps and Stairs Challenge linked to Dr. B’s challenge at Dr. B’s Challenge your Camera.

What better place to start Steps and Stairs with than The Spanish Steps in Rome.

The Spanish Steps, Rome

Still in Italy, it’s a steep walk to the top of the amphitheatre in Verona during the Opera Festival there but that’s where the budget seats are, obviously. I’ve sat up there – when I was much younger – but I’ve also had the luxury of the lower seats too, and I know which I prefer!

The Amphitheatre, Verona

And now for something completely different, as they say. Ad hoc steps for swimmers in Syracuse in Sicily, used as sun-bathing platforms as well and looking pretty dangerous to me.

Steps for Swimmers in Syracuse in Sicily

Still in Sicily, below is the Teatro Massimo in Palermo, the 3rd largest Opera House in Europe. Film buffs will know these steps as the setting for the scene in The Godfather, Part III, where the godfather’s beloved daughter is shot dead, one of Al Pacino’s great moments among many in the series. The interior of the theatre was also the setting for the closing scenes and backstage tours are on offer.

Teatro Massimo, Palermo, Sicily

Across now to Japan, to Hiroshima, where we see school-children on the steps of the Motoyasu River that runs through the Peace Park. They are having a history lesson on the bombing of the city and the consequences for the world.

Schoolchildren in the Peace Park at Hiroshima, Japan

And lastly, there may be many more of Angkor Wat but I never tire of looking at the shrines here and remembering the 3 days I spent in and around the site, loving every minute I was there.

One of the many shrines at Angkor Wat, Cambodia