Life im Colour: White/Silver

I didn’t think I’d have another picture to add to Jude’s White/Silver challenge but I suddenly remembered the whiteness of lovely Stavanger in Norway, and I offer a selection to link to Jude here.

A hilly, colourful street in Stavanger

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Life in Colour – White/Silver

I never thought I’d find a photograph that would show something in silver but guess what? I found one that I took a couple of years ago on quick trip from Vienna to Bratislava. I was looking for something else entirely and voila – there it was. So, my silver statue of a dapper, man-about-town off to the theatre, is my offering for Life in Colour – Silver.

Silver statue in main square in Bratislava

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Sculpture Saturday

In Spain for this Baroque Sculpture at the Casa de los dos Aguas in Valencia, the home of the Marquises of the same name. This mansion is now the home of the National Museum of Ceramics and Decorative Arts, and is located in one of the most central locations in the city, a Rococo nobility palace.

The interior is equally impressive, if not quite so ornate but I am always overwhelmed by the entrance which was made in 1745 and has reference to the two rivers of the Valencian community, the Turia and Jucar which are represented by two naked figures and the two urns of water at their feet, reference to the title of the Marquises (los dos aguas).

On one side are two crocodiles, a quiver of arrows and the water pouring from the vessel. On the other side is a reclining lion, another quiver of arrows and the representative vessel pouring water. I’ve enlarged only one of them (see below) just to show some of the detail without you having to click on the enlarging feature.

In the centre of the entrance is an image to the Virgin of the Rosary, patron saint of the House of Dos Aguas and at her foot kneel two women, one with a cornucopia of fruits and the other with a vessel from which pours coins. The whole is a riot of voluptuousness in true Rococo style. The virgin is a plaster copy made in 1855 as the original work disappeared at the end of the century previous.

The Museum is a worthwhile place to visit but if there is no time, the building of the Palacio de los dos Aguas is right in the centre of town and you can stand outside and look at it for free!

If you are into the Baroque – this is an impressive entrance.

And one of the side panels in all its glory:

Summer was Yesterday

Summer was yesterday, today reverts to normal English June weather. But click on the image and look there in the distance, two ladies sitting on deckchairs, the wind being deflected by a windbreak. Say what they like, but we’ve got grit in bucketfuls in the UK: it takes more than grey skies and chill winds to put us off sitting on the beach.

Life in Colour 21

Link to Jude here. Jude has asked for White or Silver this month.

First up, a couple of Spain’s White Villages, whose whiteness demands sunglasses at all times to cut the glare.

Snow on the Italian Alps as I last flew over (1918)
Isle of Wight Garlic. The IoW farm also grows and sells the rarer black garlic.
View to the Jungfrau from Rigi in Switzerland with snow in between.