Life in Colour 21

Link to Jude here. Jude has asked for White or Silver this month.

First up, a couple of Spain’s White Villages, whose whiteness demands sunglasses at all times to cut the glare.

Snow on the Italian Alps as I last flew over (1918)
Isle of Wight Garlic. The IoW farm also grows and sells the rarer black garlic.
View to the Jungfrau from Rigi in Switzerland with snow in between.

4 thoughts on “Life in Colour 21”

    1. Thanks Anabel. I got about six good ones but I had to choose one with a lot of white in it so this was the best from that point of view. I was lucky I looked out of the window at just the right time as I was engrossed in my book – as per usual.

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  1. Yummy garlic and those white houses in Spain are such lovely. We housesat in a couple and I must admit they were rather cold during the winter months.


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