Silent Sunday: Samoa

Typical Samoan Dwelling

Silent Sunday because the people are all in church – the Samoans are great church goers and they love hymn singing.

This is a typical Samoan dwelling, open to the elements and to the curious gaze of passers-by. They like people looking in and stopping to gaze at their possessions. In some houses you will see maybe 6 or 7 mattresses piled one atop the other, a sign of wealth, but wealth does not much matter here – or it didn’t when I visited many years ago – as the villages live as real communities and help each other, sharing food and resources as needed. If a storm is approaching they cover the openings with large banana leaves and suchlike .

4 thoughts on “Silent Sunday: Samoa”

    1. Absolutely. They even bury their dead around their houses, there are no cemeteries. This all goes to show that they expect their families to live there forever to look after the spirits of the dead.

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