Lens-Artist Challenge: Emotion

Linked to Lens-Artists Photo Challenge here This is the first time I've ventured to try the challenge on this site and I hope my photo entries manage to illustrate emotions. First up is exhileration: Exhileration When I saw this young girl rush into the sea it took me back decades to those heady days when … Continue reading Lens-Artist Challenge: Emotion


Linked to One Word Sunday at Debbie's here. Walking on the Isle of Wight The image may just qualify for the Skyline challenge but I didn't want to upload another boring city or sea skyline which seems to be what I have most of. (And I know I shouldn't end a sentence with a preposition)!

Ol’ Blue Eyes in Norway

It was when I read Jo-Jo's blog, Snow Capped Memories of Lapland, and she described how "...the dogs were much smaller and less fluffy than the pet husky’s I know. Strong and lean and frisky – like highly attuned race horses just itching to take off..." that I had a vivid recollection of my day with the huskies. I, too, was surprised that the huskies were lean and much smaller than I had imagined and I was told that these are the real working dogs of northern Scandinavia, not the heavily fur-coated ones we see on TV and films.

DIJON – More Than Just Mustard

Dijon is more than just mustard, however: it is one of France's great Museum cities and what's more, all of them offer free entry! It is a medieval town with some wonderful architecture, and as the capital of Burgundy it is an ideal base for touring this famous wine region.

Saturday (Christmas) Sculpture

This should have gone up on Christmas Day but I didn't schedule it for the correct date. Better late than never, this iconic statue surely needs no explanation. Not my photograph, unfortunately, but it's one most people will understand. In Memory of the Football Match between enemies on Christmas Day, 1914

Sculpture Saturday

I am indebted to my London friend, Steve Moore, who gave me this picture of a sculpture by Peter McLean, erected in 1991 along the Thames Path. It shows the spirit of a Pilgrim Father looking over the shoulder of a young 1930's boy reading a magazine.  I've seen the sculpture and it is a … Continue reading Sculpture Saturday

A Night at the Opera

It is 10.00 pm and I’m standing outside the walls of Lucca waiting for the coach to take me to the Opera. My modest attire stands out among the Italians who are, as usual, dressed to kill, the bling, puffery and beautiful people determined to show la bella figura to the world of music. We … Continue reading A Night at the Opera