When Democracy Ruled

Image by Carol M. Highsmith – https://commons.wikimedia.org

Depressed by the current news, the arguments, the depths to which politicians and supposedly clever men and women are sinking, I think back to how years ago Franklin D. Roosevelt was a beacon of light to a world deep in a fiscal depression. As he saw America through a war and put in action methods to help Europe build itself up after the second world war, he laid the groundwork for 20th century democracy in the western world. Less than a century later, we stand to lose it.

FDR had many faults, he was a human being after all, but he was a giant compared to what we see today.

13 thoughts on “When Democracy Ruled”

  1. Thank you for your comment. i agree about LBJ. As each day passes and the mad orangeman in The White House refuses to budge, his followers grow more truculent and the media won’t call him out, I despair more and more. As the leader of the free world, America, seems willy-nilly to be giving up this position, all we can hope is that the power of the Murdoch media will lurch more to the left and reign the madman in – and I never thought to find myself in a position of having to support Murdoch & Fox!

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  2. I totally agree with you here, Mari! I myself keep thinking of LBJ. He definitely had his faults, and – please excuse my expression – he sometimes could well be an ornery SOB, but above all, he always was a Mensch.

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    1. Yes, We can relax a bit so long as we keep looking over our shoulders because that madman can create chaos in the two months he has left in the White House. I used to think our system of turning the losing recumbent out of their homes on the morning after the election was cruel but now I see the the benefit.


    1. Good luck. My friends in the US are keeping me informed hour by hour. He may be the President of the US but his efforts to undermine democracy affect the whole world.


  3. This has been described as the “Post-Truth Era” in which governments routinely lie to the public and a docile public laps up their lies and repeats them as election slogans. Donald Trump is currently the high-priest of post truth.

    As I wite this, we are in suspense awaiting the final results of the US Presidential election. If Biden is successful, will this make a difference or is that too much to hope for? We have lost so much ground to the liars and control freaks that the hill we need to climb back to sanity is frighteningly steep,

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  4. No doubt of that whatsoever, Mari. I hardly dare to look anymore! (I wasn’t terribly riotous yesterday, but my daughter did share fireworks with me on videocam, and there was cake and wine 🙂 )

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