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Chalalenge your Camera No. 7 Bridges

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The first bridge is over the Neretva River in Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and the crowds on the top of the bridge are there to watch the Red Bull diving championships. The divers leap from the top of the tower on the bridge into the water below where there are safety precautions in place in case of accidents.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Next bridge is, maybe cheating? It’s a bridge between two houses in Bruges, Belgium.


Next comes a bridge with love-locks, a custom which is now out of control in various countries with iron bridges as the weight of the locks is warping the ironwork and making them dangerous. This one crosses the Salzach river in Salzburg, Austria.


This one in Croatia in the Kikr National Park, one of the loveliest areas of that lovely country.

Kikr National Park, Croatia

And finally, the Daddy of them all, Sur le Pont d’Avignon – The Bridge at Avignon.

Avignon, France

Pick a Word – Sept. 5, 2020

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I’m a newbie on this site but love having an excuse to showcase my images by linking them to a word provided by Paula. Hope you like them.


Dessie – Morning awakens and there’s the beach.

To me this photographs is summer writ large. It’s a 3-year-old member of my city dwelling family on her first morning on holiday on the Isle of Wight. The sheer delight on her face as she ran towards the sea, without fear, was wonderful to see.


The Bridge at Mostar

The Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships at Mostar, 2018

We arrived at Mostar to find the town packed with divers who had come to take part in the Red Bull Cliff Diving Championships, their friends and managers. At first I was annoyed as the crush prevented us from doing the sight-seeing we’d planned but we soon became fascinated onlookers at the event. We were lucky to find a restaurant with balcony overlooking the river from which to view the diving so we settled in for lunch and watched the proceedings for most of the day. The boats in the water are there in case of any accidents (they have been known) and as you can see, some dive from the top of the tower and some dive from off the bridge.

We did manage most of the sightseeing later, after the crowds had gone and it was worth waiting around and getting back to Split much later than planned as history came to life as we wandered alone through the back streets in the early evening.