Chalalenge your Camera No. 7 Bridges

Linked to Dr. B’s challenge at Dr. B’s Challenge your Camera.

The first bridge is over the Neretva River in Mostar (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and the crowds on the top of the bridge are there to watch the Red Bull diving championships. The divers leap from the top of the tower on the bridge into the water below where there are safety precautions in place in case of accidents.

Mostar, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Next bridge is, maybe cheating? It’s a bridge between two houses in Bruges, Belgium.


Next comes a bridge with love-locks, a custom which is now out of control in various countries with iron bridges as the weight of the locks is warping the ironwork and making them dangerous. This one crosses the Salzach river in Salzburg, Austria.


This one in Croatia in the Kikr National Park, one of the loveliest areas of that lovely country.

Kikr National Park, Croatia

And finally, the Daddy of them all, Sur le Pont d’Avignon – The Bridge at Avignon.

Avignon, France

13 thoughts on “Chalalenge your Camera No. 7 Bridges”

  1. Glad it’s all sorted. I contacted WP about it and they told me to change an address (which I did) and I hoped it would all work out. A long time ago I had two blogs and I closed one down (or thought I did) but it somehow remained and my address is so confusing now that even I can’t cope with it. It’s which I cannot change apparently.
    Look forward to your challenge tomorrow.


  2. Hi, at last I’ve managed to sign in to your blog 🤦‍♂️. I have made a comment from the link you put on my own blog which weirdly was incorrect because of the spelling of the post title which gets used as the post address. Anyway, that’s a great collection of photos, lots of variety. I think bridges are much better subjects than “doors” which many bloggers seem to have a fetish about 😂😂. So, thanks for having a go at my weekly challenge, a new one tomorrow 👍

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    1. The water in the park is really that colour and it’s glorious for walking. We spent a whole day there and enjoyed it so much we went back another day. There’s lovely pools for swimming in as well and all very natural. And it’s one place where Game of Thrones people don’t invade as Kikr isn’t part of the series!


  3. I hope to get to Mostar some year soon! Hard to believe that the river is deep enough for such a jump. We were in Zadar a few years back and it was Kikr or Plitvice so we opted for Plitvice…. next time.
    Ps – I don’t think the Bruges shot is a cheat!!! A bridge is a bridge!!!

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