Action- One Word Sunday

This week’s theme from Debbie is ACTION. Linked to Debbie’s here

Ready to hurtle down the slope on the famous basket ride in Funchal, Madeira

Is praying action? Not the Klu Klux Klan but Penitents during Holy Week in Malaga.

The lock-keeper’s daughters open a lock on the Gota Canal, Sweden

Camera, Action. A tourist takes a photograph in Grenada, Caribbean.

Empty Shelves??

Sandown Bay with 13 Container Ships on the Horizon that can’t get into Port

I took this photograph late this afternoon. I only had my little pocket camera with me and although the zoom is pretty good on this particular Sony, it wasn’t quite good enough to give me the result I needed. However, if you enlarge the photo you will see up to 13 Container ships on the horizon, all waiting to enter the waters for Southampton or Portsmouth harbour to unload their cargo. I was told by a fellow onlooker that there were 17 out there, his younger eyes gave him the advantage.

We are continually reading and hearing that due to Brexit/Covid, a mixture of both but at least one of them could have been foreseen, goods will be in short supply in the coming months.

Well, here they are, sitting in the Bay area of Sandown/Shanklin.