Action- One Word Sunday

This week’s theme from Debbie is ACTION. Linked to Debbie’s here

Ready to hurtle down the slope on the famous basket ride in Funchal, Madeira

Is praying action? Not the Klu Klux Klan but Penitents during Holy Week in Malaga.

The lock-keeper’s daughters open a lock on the Gota Canal, Sweden

Camera, Action. A tourist takes a photograph in Grenada, Caribbean.

20 thoughts on “Action- One Word Sunday”

  1. I think I would probably pass on the basket ride! As part of the redevelopment of the canal banks near us there is a new chute – long and twisty. I promised myself that sometime when it was quiet, with no children around, I would have a shot. John did it, but I looked down and decided – no! I seem to be much more timid than I used to be. Getting off, mind you, was very undignified, involving a lot of shuffling backwards on one’s bottom.

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    1. Yes, those slides don’t leave one with much dignity, and although this doesn’t matter if one is young, in late4r ages we need that covering of dignity to mask our embarrassment! The basket ride was almost in that bracket but as everyone there was over a certain age, it didn’t seem that big a deal!

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  2. What an interesting set of varied action shots you’ve compiled from your travels! The Malaga procession is a little unnerving with its echoes of the KKK costumes. Which came first, do you know? And see my comment above about the Madeira basket ride tradition 🙂

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    1. I’ve just had a look at your article about your ‘find’ of old travel photos. It’s absolutely fascinating. The basket ride area has certainly changed since then! What a lucky find that was. I remember when I was but a tot, my father bringing someone to our house who had been to Madeira by flying boat. My little ears pricked up at this and I’ve often thought that this was the beginning of my travel urges and the knowledge of what travel could bring in the way of new discoveries – a Flying Boat! Today’s Dr. Who fans have no idea.

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    1. I think the basket ride has been going for years: in fact I seem to remember being told it was how the original inhabitants of the high hills got their produce to market and then the tourists wanted to join in! I first saw it about 25 years ago but didn’t have the nerve for it, then about 5 years ago I was there with a young nephew and he gave me courage to do it. I found it quite scary though as I’m not one for speed.


    1. Actually, both are unsettling! The Madeira one physically and the Spanish one mentally. There can be nothing more unsettling than hundreds of hooded figures thronging the streets and carrying huge religious figures. But even more unsettling the next day was a troop of Spanish Foreign Legionnaires who marched from Malaga Port to the Plaza Mayor (quite a few miles I’m thinking), carrying a gigantic wooden cross supported by one hand only, i.e. one hand of each of the soldiers involved. Strongest of the strong. It conjured up images of strong men and dictators that I would rather forget.


      1. Yikes, I can imagine that last scene you describe. With all the focus on authoritarian regimes in these days, and with the U.S. leaning terrifyingly in that direction, that would be a very disturbing image indeed.

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  3. Audible – NOT! I really don’t enjoy it and have decided to leave it until it’s absolutely necessary. BBC 4 provides me with dramas and talk shows for when I can’t read and I’m managing to read quite a lot if i pace myself, my eyes I mean. I haven’t been blogging because I have so much good stuff I’m reading and this, combined with the daily paper, takes up a lot of time.

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