Federico García Lorca, Poet & Playwright

The Poet and Playwright, Federico García Lorca The name Ian Gibson, authority on Spain’s greatest poet, Federico García Lorca, came up in a discussion with Marie over at HopsSkipsandJumps, and reminded me of my trip to visit Lorca’s village in Fuente Vaqueros near Granada.  It is many years since I visited it but the memory … Continue reading Federico García Lorca, Poet & Playwright

A Walk for Edward Thomas

I can no longer walk the distances or climb the hills that would warrant inclusion in Restless Jo’s Monday Walks but looking through my photographs today I came across one of me beside the Memorial Stone to the poet, Edward Thomas, taken about 30 or more years ago, way back in the days when I … Continue reading A Walk for Edward Thomas

Challenge your Camera: Steps and Stairs.

Steps and Stairs Challenge linked to Dr. B's challenge at Dr. B’s Challenge your Camera. What better place to start Steps and Stairs with than The Spanish Steps in Rome. The Spanish Steps, Rome Still in Italy, it's a steep walk to the top of the amphitheatre in Verona during the Opera Festival there but … Continue reading Challenge your Camera: Steps and Stairs.

Pick a Word: January

Linked with Lost in Translation’s Thursdays Special: Pick a Word Ethnicity Padaung Child, Hill Tribes, Chiang Rai Itinerant Sticky Rice & Mango Seller - Hua Hin, Thailand Quintessentials Quintessential Foods Offered to Lord Buddha on Special Occasions Multifarious Shoreline The Mumbles, Wales

Sculpture Saturday: Mons, Belgium

Just behind the Town Hall in Mons, lies the Jardin du Mayeur (the Mayor's Garden) a little haven of tree-lined peace right in the heart of the city. It was designed between 1930 and 1936 and was once a private garden but is now a park accessible to all. Apart from the design and the … Continue reading Sculpture Saturday: Mons, Belgium

Spring just around the corner

Hush, hush, whisper who dare, plants are a-budding and spring's in the air. Sorry about that paraphrasing but with everything springing into life in my garden today I couldn't resist it. Daphne, Pink Camellia, Red Camellia I think these may have been out for a couple of days but the weather has been so inclement … Continue reading Spring just around the corner

Challenge your Camera # Churches

Linked to Dr. B at Challenge your Camera here Palermo Cathedral (Sicily) and detail The Victorian Christchurch, Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK (consecrated 1847) St. Michael's Cathedral, Lucca, Italy Notre Dame, Rouen, France Two famous Isle of Wight churches: Left - the 14th-15th century All-Saints church at Godshill and Right - the 12th century St. … Continue reading Challenge your Camera # Churches