Just One Person – in Madrid

Linked to Just One person from around the World at Cady Luck Leedy I was reminded of this man and his 100-year-old leather glove-making shop when I read a recent post of Cady's so I dug out my photographs and scanned them in. I have no dates on them, no details, but I know it was … Continue reading Just One Person – in Madrid

Silent Sunday: Swinburne’s Grave

Swinburne is not one of the poets one hears much quoted today but in his time he was a force to be reckoned with as he upset the status quo being both a rebel and a radical. Swinburne's last resting place, Bonchurch, Isle of Wight Swinburne was a radical character and an alcoholic, with leanings … Continue reading Silent Sunday: Swinburne’s Grave

Liverpool FC Fan No. 1

had to leave early that night because his team, Liverpool FC, was playing Manchester United FC. But this wasn't just popping home to his house in the village. He was going to walk over two mountains to another valley, a lone walk that would take him 4-5 hours with only the moon to light his way. After the game he would walk 4-5 hours back to work

Looking for Bluebells

The only ones we found With a friend today to the National Trust's Borthwood Copse on the Isle of Wight to search for bluebells. Normally at this time of year the woods are carpeted with bluebells and other shade-loving plants but for some reason this year, a cold spell at the wrong time probably, there … Continue reading Looking for Bluebells

The Third Man and Vienna

I found this other Vienna in a little museum hidden down a residential side-street in the Margareten neighbourhood - The Third Man Museum.  The sole focus of this private exhibition which exists without sponsors and without subsidies is Carol Reed’s now-legendary film and the history of the time, and it is the perfect antidote to too many palaces and pastries.