10 thoughts on “SIX WORD SATURDAY:”

    1. Today I should have been out tidying up the garden but there is so much greenery in the form of leaves but no flowers from the daffs that didn’t bloom due to rotting in the ground of just refusing to pop out in case they got frost bite, that I gave up. At leas in the image they at least flowered!


    1. Today it’s like summer here but I spilt a bottle of oil on the kitchen floor this morning and it’s taken me hours to clean it up and I’m just too fed-up to go out into the garden and enjoy it. I’m cursing my clumsiness.

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      1. Actually it turned out lovely here too this afternoon. A shame you missed out on the sunshine – I hope you get to enjoy the next dose that comes along ☀☀

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    1. Somewhere along the Danube last year. It led me to underplant the daffs with pansies this year but alas, our wet and cold winter, wrecked havoc with my spring bulbs and most of them produced leaves instead of flowers.

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