Sculpture Saturday

The Irish wood-carver John Haugh is not much known outside his own country but he has exhibited and sold many works in the USA. I was privileged to interview him many years ago and this sculpture “Dancing at the Crossroads” is one of my favourites of the many I saw in his studio in Carlingford, Co. Louth.

Dancing at the Crossroads by John Haugh

I especially liked the roughness of the carving which lends the work a rustic quality in keeping with the subject. This particular work dates to sometime in the late 1990’s

7 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday”

  1. I’m glad you like his work. He specialised more in religious carvings but that may have been because he got a lot of commissions from the church. He was a lovely, gentle man and I treasure the few hours I spent with him.


  2. John Haugh was unknown to me so thanks for bringing him to my notice!

    From what I gather from a quick look online, he specialized in wood sculptures/carvings and produced some very lively pieces of which this is an example.

    I shall look out for other works of his.

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  3. Yes, indeed. He has sculpted many of what I call ‘dense’ pieces with lots of movement in them, as well as doing a lovely one of John and Jacqueline Kennedy and the two children.


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