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Six Word Saturday

I have to ask for a bit of leeway here as I’ve overrun the Six words. The song title has Seven, but I heard this old song at around the same time as I was looking for a picture for a friend and song and photo seemed to go together, as well as reminding me of a time I hardly remember – if that makes sense. So here are The Ink Spots and a popular song from the 1940’s.

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Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall


I haven’t done this one for a long time but chancing my luck again. Linked to Debbie here .

This time of year I stop with the daily weeding and excessive tidying, allowing the last of the summer plants to spread themselves and have a few weeks of freedom before winter comes.

Free at Last to be Themselves.
Late summer blooms and winter berries.
I envy my friend his ducks.

I’ll Be Back Again, Next Year

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Musician in Cordoba, Spain

It’s been two years now and I can’t wait to return to the cities I love in Spain and Italy. Top of my list will be Seville from where it’s just a short trip by train to Cordoba. May 1922 free us from the fear of getting Covid and allow everyone to travel freely again.

Six Word Saturday

My patio pot fails in comparison.

How I wish I could grow my favourite herb in such quantities. This is truly Mediterranean, typical of a market-stall where the buyers could fill a plastic bag full of the glorious smelling origano for a Euro or two.

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Inside my Head Lies a Jewelled World

Inside my head lies a jewelled world.

Entrance to the Swarovski Factory and Shop in Austria

This is my first Six-Word Saturday and I hope it’s OK for me not to count the ‘a’ as a word, as I was taught many years ago. I know many rules have changed since my early days and possibly that is also one.

This photograph was taken about ten years ago when I was in Austria and visited the Swarovski factory, a veritable fairyland of crystal figures and jewelry. The result of so much overpowering bling was that I didn’t buy even a tiny piece. I really coveted a huge crystal tiger that cost many thousands of pounds but as I couldn’t have that I decided to have nothing!

The interior is amazing but this exterior exceeds it: this is the most impressive entrance I have ever seen.

NB In case anyone thinks I’ve discovered the Elixir of Life, that is not me in the photograph.