I’ll Be Back Again, Next Year

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Musician in Cordoba, Spain

It’s been two years now and I can’t wait to return to the cities I love in Spain and Italy. Top of my list will be Seville from where it’s just a short trip by train to Cordoba. May 1922 free us from the fear of getting Covid and allow everyone to travel freely again.

14 thoughts on “I’ll Be Back Again, Next Year”

  1. What an attractive courtyard in that first shot! I’m longing to get back to France but with the ever-changing restrictions/requirements and Delta and other variants, who knows when that will happen. I have gotten in a number of driving trips here in the US, so I’ve been fortunate there. Heading for southern California near the end of this month.


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    1. That’s more than I’ve managed. I live on an island in the south of England so the prospect of a ferry crossing before I begin my travels becomes irksome – and poses an extra risk as we have a lot of visitors travelling and not all are good at wearing masks and keeping distances! But next weekend I take my first tentative steps off my home turf and venture into the dangerous wilds of Chichester Festival Theatre to see The Beauty Queen of Leenane, the one thing that can tempt me to chance it.

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  2. I’m hopeful for 2022 …. I’ve already dipped my toe – we went to a wedding in Spain a few ago (successfully) and as a result we’re contemplating venturing somewhere at midterm. I’m not making travel plans as such for next year but I do think it’ll be possible. Fingers crossed….

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    1. I’m playing it by ear, taking it week by week. When it looks like we have a decent pause in the spread of the virus then I’m sure there will be no trouble in getting a ticket. The charter flights are more difficult, they are cancelling quite a lot when they find they haven’ filled up. Neighbours of mine have changed their destinatin twice for this month, first time to Kephalonia, second time to Rhodes, now they are booked for Crete. My nephew (one vacc.) and his daughter aged 6 both caught it week before last. He is currently in hospital in a bad way in an oxygen tent, she being looked after by a family with antibodies. It all gives me pause for thought.


    2. Nephew Marcus came out of hospital today and is at home recuperating – at least 3 weeks say the doctors. He’s self-employed which makes it much more difficult. Great-niece seems to be fine but must isolate for another week which means no school.


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