Inside my Head Lies a Jewelled World

Inside my head lies a jewelled world.

Entrance to the Swarovski Factory and Shop in Austria

This is my first Six-Word Saturday and I hope it’s OK for me not to count the ‘a’ as a word, as I was taught many years ago. I know many rules have changed since my early days and possibly that is also one.

This photograph was taken about ten years ago when I was in Austria and visited the Swarovski factory, a veritable fairyland of crystal figures and jewelry. The result of so much overpowering bling was that I didn’t buy even a tiny piece. I really coveted a huge crystal tiger that cost many thousands of pounds but as I couldn’t have that I decided to have nothing!

The interior is amazing but this exterior exceeds it: this is the most impressive entrance I have ever seen.

NB In case anyone thinks I’ve discovered the Elixir of Life, that is not me in the photograph.

4 thoughts on “Inside my Head Lies a Jewelled World”

  1. The indefinite article “a(n)” is most certainly a word and always has been. I cannot imagine any responsible person claiming otherwise.

    Not that it matters since “Six-word Saturday” could just as easily been “Seven-word Saturday” and what counts is the memory you have of the occasion and that you have described it here and brought it alive for your readers.

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