One Word Sunday: BLUE

This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is BLUE and it has been a more difficult challenge. Although I have lots of blue skies and blue waters, I was hard put to find pictures that showed a blue theme. I managed in the end and it was good for me to re-visit photos I haven’t looked at for some time, even if I did spend too long in a nostalgic wander through the past!

Blue Shutters on Houses in Arles, France
Blue Reflections in a Blue Pool. somewhere in the Med.
Thai Hill Tribe Woman in Traditional Blue Costume

This week’s theme from Debbie for One Word Sunday is BLUE

13 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: BLUE”

  1. Your thoughtful selection process has really paid off as you have a great varied threesome here! My favourite is the pool with blue chairs reflected – a good spot! And I too tend to ‘spend too long in a nostalgic wander through the past’ when searching out photos for a challenge but I rather like how the task forces me to look back at photos I might otherwise rarely bother to view 🙂

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    1. And you also look at them differently. The only one I knew would suit the blue theme was the Arles one, but having to look through others was an enjoyable experience even if I did waste time!

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      1. The funeral wasn’t until 28 April! So stayed and looked after my mum who has dementia. So now have just got her into a home and my husband and I will go back on 8 May. I tell you it’s been such a stressful time, arguing with my brother and my mum, luckily I have support from my husband and other family and friends. I’ve posted a couple of blogs but just haven’t had time only to look at a few. Sorry for long reply!

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    1. I’m so sorry to hear about your Dad’s passing, and the subsequent problem with your mother’s care needs. It is a problem when one lives far away, I was in the same position some years ago and I know how fraught it can be. I do hope you can get some rest at home and recover from the two major events even though you have to keep returning to check on things. Life can’t be controlled the way we would like to, and you must also take time out for yourself and your husband. My best to you both.

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      1. Thanks so much for your kind and wise words Mari, they really help and put things into perspective. Sometimes I just lose sight of things and need to be reminded that I can’t control what I want ❤️

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