Lens-Artists Challenge #178 – You Choose


This week Tina has suggested we choose something for ourselves. This is more difficult that it sounds as too many choices put themselves forward, places and people, themes and tunes, and some just beautiful images.

I’ve chosen to look at a time in my childhood which seemed magical, life was good, the world – and the fields- were full of flowers, and the future was something we didn’t think about. And now I think, Where have all the flowers gone?

That’s me on the right with my four cousins picking dog-daisies on our Sunday walk, way back when. We used to walk across the small mountain area called The Bernish in Co. Down, now a famous look-out point and tourist attraction. I’ve just looked it up and it’s totally unrecognisable now. As for wild flowers ….

Wild broom growing in the Languedoc area, France.

Wild poppies and grasses growing on the lava that had poured down from Etna in Sicily.

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20 thoughts on “Lens-Artists Challenge #178 – You Choose”

  1. A wonderful post, Mari. I love the photo of you and your cousins, and I too remember all the flowers and the long, happy, innocent days. That is a thing I believe we are failing to give our children today: Innocence. I see so many people trying to make the little ones into “grown-ups” too early. They need the days of innocence and carefreeness. Happy Holidays!

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    1. Thank you so much. I agree about today’s children having to grow up too quickly. I have to hold back sometimes when I want to interfere with the young ones upbringing (I’ve learned diplomacy over the years!) but it is hard when I want to see them outside playing with toys instead of indoors staring at a screen.


    1. Sometimes it’s dangerous to wander down former paths and gaze at long ago photographs. It makes the contrast so vivid between then and now, and although I know the children today have enormous chances for the future, I think they are also losing something as well. But that could be my age talking! It seems to me that it’s not just ‘where have all the flowers gone’ but ‘where have all the good, simple, times gone’.

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  2. Reply to Anabel. I agree re the length but during the first lockdown when I couldn’t cope with short hair (being totally unco-ordinated with a hair-dryer I let my hair grow long to make it easier to roll up and I’ve kept it so until now. I’m waiting until they tell me the Covid is definitely way, way over, and then I’ll go back to being short-short!


  3. Nice rendition from Peter, Paul and Mary, Mari. It’s funny how differently you remember things sometimes, isn’t it? Nice harmonies and audience involvement. And I love that photo of you youngsters in the grass. Days of innocence.

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  4. I think I agree with Dr B – the older I get the more precious the memories. I so loved your image from long ago with your cousins among the flowers. Good to know the wildflowers still grow no matter where we are! Loved your choice for the week, thanks for joining us!

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    1. I shall try to keep up, but more importantly, to remember to link back. I have posted before but forgotten to all-important back link. I’ve just been looking through your Gallery and I’m in awe of what you’ve got there. Your photography is brilliant. I’m just a happy snapper. Until a few years ago I was a feature and travel-writer and used photography as a back-up to my words and an aide memoir for myself (often editors preferred agency images) but now that I do more photography I try to do better. Will be glad to get travelling again.


    1. Yes I have to try balancing the lovely moments of childhood with the memories of how hard it was for some people. We were the lucky ones who had the advantage of the NHS and the Education Bill and by the time I came to look for work there was plenty.

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