Life in Colour: Orange

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I’m going with the very obvious here, orange is for oranges:

Moving on to Thailand and the orange-robed monks from that country. I have many Thai Buddhist friends and, when I’m there, they usually include me in any ceremonies that they are attending so I was highly honoured when I was allowed to serve the monks at one special occasion.

11 thoughts on “Life in Colour: Orange”

  1. The acer is my favourite, Mari. I suggested to Jude that orange was the perfect colour for autumn leaves and you’ve just proved it. Hope all’s well with you? I’m still walking. Can’t seem to kick the habit!

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    1. I think I’ve got to re pot the acer this year as it seems to be out-growing its pot. I hate that job. Yes, all fine with me despite the arthritis but I’ve found a marvellous massage lady who does ‘healing’ massage. It was a pure fluke I ended up with her and found that she was a ‘healer’ and has been since she was 13. She doesn’t do laying on of hands or any of the ‘magic’ crystal stuff, just manipulation and I’m pain-free for the first time in 3 years. I’m still in a ‘wait and see’ position.


  2. The oranges are cheerful and appropriate, but as a keen traveller of course I am drawn more to the photos of the monks and your descriptions of your meetings with them – fascinating 🙂

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    1. Yes, I find all my interactions with the Thais, their beliefs in Buddhism allied to their beliefs in the spirits, to be fascinating. I’ve sat with monks, and gifted robes on more than one occasion, but I especially remember once when a young friend wanted them to say special prayers to dispense with the bad spirits that were causing him to have accidents all the time on his motorbike. The monks and I tried to persuade him in vain that it was not bad spirits but speed and bad driving that caused his accidents, but he preferred his own version of his bad luck! I love this attitude!

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      1. He continued to have various motor-cycle accidents and ended up changing his name, wearing his clothes inside out and walking backwards from his house to the bike in a vain effort to disrupt the bad spirits from attacking him. It wasn’t until he broke a leg in the last one that it finally seemed to register that he may have been at fault, so, he bought a car! Beyond that, i don’t know, as he left Pranburi and moved to Isan to live with his grandmother and doesn’t keep in touch as his English is not good enough for correspondence but if I go back there we’ll meet up again, I’m sure.

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