Just a day or two old

I was going to keep this one for mother’s day but I realised I’d forget all about it by next year so I thought it best to post it now.

It’s one I took when I was doing some work with the Elephant Help Clinic in Phuket many years ago. The baby elephant is wearing a lei because she’d just been blessed by the monks from the nearby temple.


    1. Thank you, Anabel. Now I wish I’d kept the photographs that I used in the presentation but they were too distressing to keep. I couldn’t see a reason for keeping them so destroyed them just a year ago in a Covid clearout. It is incredible the diseases to which elephants are prone, including snake bites and bursting with gas when they eat pesticide treated grasses and shrubs.


    1. I wasn’t working ‘hands on’ but I was instrumental in helping them win an award from the British Guild of Travel Writers for the best World Wide Tourism Project to benefit the local area as well as tourism generally. I spent some days with the organizers and visited the various clinics, spoke to the vets involved, learned what they do, then made a presentation at the BGTW annual awards and they were awarded the prize. One of the organizers made it over to London for the presentation of the Award at the Savoy hotel and the publicity was of enormous help in their fund-raising.

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  1. Human beings could learn much from how elephants care for their young. They do have very strong protective maternal instincts with an incredible long term memory. You’re right they are so cute.

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