16 thoughts on “SILENT SUNDAY”

    1. Replies going all over the place. This one meant for Jo but it seems to have added itself on to Brian’s comment.

      Are in in the UK now or back in Portugal? I’m OK but the eyes are very bad at the moment which leaves me frustrated and somewhat concerned about everyday life. Today for instance, I can’t even read the paper as everything is blurred, so I’m listening to the radio. I’m on the computer (enlarging the print as I do so) just for a change and it will only be for about half an hour. I’m due another scan on Tuesday, so keeping my fingers crossed that it’s not something permanent, just a setback. Apart from that, everything’s rosy!

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  1. While travelling, standing by and watching the water flow through would be a relaxing moment. France, how we would love to be enjoying that country again. Enjoy your Sunday, Mari.

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