Pull Up a Seat: Photo Challenge

We are in Seville for both of my seats, the first one a lovely tiled seat in the Plaza de España which I’ve mentioned in another post here, a gorgeous extravagance of tiles, walkways, streams, bridges, more tiles, all within the Parque de Doña Maria Luisa.

A very elegant tiled bench in Plaza de España, Seville.

And still in Seville we are on our way to the Alcazar when we came across this painter, oblivious to the passersby who photographed her and walked around her as she sat on a flimsy white stool. She worked quickly and the paintings looked good, good enough for her to sell quite a few while we stood admiring the finished pictures. By her feet she had different types of frames and she offered to change the frames of any on display if needed. I liked her bicycle behind the finished pictures, it made the whole thing seem so casual and a long way from high-art.

Near the Alcazar, Seville, Spain

10 thoughts on “Pull Up a Seat: Photo Challenge”

  1. Nah, that was a long, long time ago, way back in the early sixties. Things have changed a lot since those harsh days for the Spanish people. We even had to take olive oil to them as Franco exported all theirs so they had some awful stuff to use, and they were drinking acorn coffee when we first met them. But that was why Spain was so cheap for the first English tourists. I’m glad I wasn’t quite so politically aware then!


    1. I don’t think the Spanish ever went in for comfortable furniture, at least none of the households I visited ever had comfy chairs. A request when we got to know one family was for some pillows. They had visited a daughter in the UK when she was an au pair and thought the pillows were the best thing we had. Oh! and Black and White whiskey and Sword razor blades. How well I remember packing these in the van as we set off the following year for our touring holiday and the expression on the faces of the customs officials as they checked the pillows for contraband.


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