My Whatchamacallit:

Linked to Debbie’s challenge here

I’ll follow Debbie’s example and post a holiday photo also in a Bodega, this one in Arcos de la Frontera, one of the White Villages in Andalucia.

Typical Bar in Arcos de la Frontera

We spent more time than we perhaps should have in this delightful bodega, mainly because they had a big selection of Manzanilla and the olives were a product of the owner’s parents who cured them with a secret recipe which made them irresistible.

12 thoughts on “My Whatchamacallit:”

    1. What lovely memories. It wasn’t like that when I was there but I well remember our very first holiday in Spain, to Sitges, a package tour by train (airline packaging arrived a year later). We went by boat-train from Victoria to ?? in France, then, I think, nearly two days train to Spain with a few hours delay while the train changed over to the narrower gauge at the border. Our hotel had an honesty box for drinks which was one of the things that endeared us to Spain as well as the shop-keeper who insisted we borrow her umbrella when it rained. The brochure from which we booked the Thomas Cook holiday was an A5 black and white booklet! Ay, those certainly were the days.


    1. Doesn’t it just! And think also of the warm sun outside as you sit in the shady corner of the bodega sipping your favourite tipple.


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