12 thoughts on “Life in Colour – Red”

    1. Yes, occasionally. Sometimes it looks as though it’s going through and then a white box comes up with Jetpack along the top and the cog wheel just goes round and round. I used to wait for it to stop but it went on too long, so then I’d just come out of it but I always checked back to see if it had published my comment but it never did. There are about 4 people on whose blogs I can comment and tick ‘likes’ without a problem and it seems these are the ones who write short posts, or Nil posts, just photos.


      1. That is so strange. I have some trouble with the cog wheel sort of thing, on reading certain posts if I comment via an email notification. I have to log in to WordPress each time I write a comment and then it tells me there is an error with posting that comment- yet the comment always go through anyway!


    2. You give me hope then, as it may not just be my site that is behaving like this. It is so annoying. I’ve just tried to ‘like’ your last reply to me but it wouldn’t allow this, so I’ve had to add this on to the first comment you made. It’s beyond strange!


  1. You may receive the above comment twice. Yes, I’ve just seen it, it went through immediately! Strangely though, it gave me the offer to Edit it (never had this before) and as I’d omitted a comma and forgotten the apostrophes for ‘Like’ I edited and Saved it. However, back on the comment site, I see the original is still up there. The ways of WP get stranger and stranger.


  2. Fine, I just don’t wish to waste my time in writing comments which you may never get to read. I don’t know why it’s happening only with you and Marie @ Hops, Skips and Jumps. With Out of My Write Mind and two others I can post without any difficulty. Others it varies from day to day.

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    1. I don’t know either, it’s a mystery 😦 It doesn’t seem to be happening with anyone else. I was going to try messaging you to discuss it further but you don’t seem to have a ‘contact me’ form, so I’ll carry on here. I wanted to tell you that if it helps, I’m getting all the ‘please moderate’ requests from “host86-176-144-100.range86-176.btcentralplus.com”. I know you follow me on WP and my settings for comment moderation should mean that I only had to approve you the first time, with subsequent comments being posted automatically. So I’m stumped. Have you tried reaching out to WP?


      1. Sorry, I also meant to say that I hope you saw my reply to your comment on my postcard post, as from your comment yesterday I got the impression you don’t know that I’m (eventually) seeing and replying to all your comments? If you didn’t pick it up, it’s at https://www.toonsarah-travels.blog/postcards-from-a-time-of-war/. Please be assured that once I’ve moderating them I AM acknowledging every one with a like and a reply, even if you’re not seeing that for some really odd reason?


      2. I’ve spent so long on online chats with WP I could have written umpteen blogs in that time. Their final word is that they cannot help me any more as due to data restrictions they cannot release any details about the blogs I’m having issues with! You, and Marie at Hops, Skips and Jumps, being the two main ones. Others I just click on ‘Like’ as normal, then comment and no problem. Another mystery! Can we blame this on Covid? Most other things seem to be blamed on the virus.


  3. I am seeing all your comments on my blog but have to moderate each one before they are published. I have no idea why, it’s not happening with anyone else. Please don’t think I don’t appreciate them 😘


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