One Word Sunday – Bridge

A selection of lesser known bridges away from the crowds in London, where life is slow, barges are still transporting goods on the river, and the peace and calm is a far cry from the hub and bustle of the Thames we are more familiar with.

Then a hop over to Seville in Spain, where there are some spectacular bridges over the Guadalquivir River. These are just two, the first one being the modern Alamillo Bridge by the famous architect Santiago Calatrava, and the second one, built in the mid-19th century, is the equally famous Triana Bridge.

5 thoughts on “One Word Sunday – Bridge”

  1. Great selections of bridges, Mari! Thank you for taking us along.
    When I click you gravata showing on your comment, it did not take me to your blog site. I found you through WP reader search. 🙂

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    1. Something else I shall have to try and attend to. I think I’ll give up on technology. I’ve also had trouble with Apple, ever since I registered with them way, way back, with an email address which I no longer use and which is unavailable. It won’t allow me to change and register my current email address and refuses me access to lots of things. I’ve tried and tried. I’ve even had the John Lewis tech dept. try to sort it out but they cannot.

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