Sculpture Saturday: Saltzburg

I loved the statue but I committed one of the biggest sins in photography by not managing to cut out the post on the right which makes it look as though my cyclist is holding it up. My photoshop skills aren’t up to removing it either!

Link to Sculpture Saturday

10 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday: Saltzburg”

  1. I didn’t even notice the post until I read your note. I was thinking that the figure was letting out a loud sign and soaking up the sun before undertaking the rest of their journey 🙂

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    1. But I should have looked! It’s my downfall, every time. I only seem to look at what I want to photograph and ignore all the stuff around. Guess I’ll never win a prestigious prize for my photos, but I still have fun!

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      1. Somehow our brains filter out things we don’t want or need to see, whereas the camera of course never does! We’ve all done it at times 😏


  2. The post sort of works with the sculpture, as if the bike is resting against it. I like the way the face is turned up to the sun, we’ve just had a lovely sunny day here in Wiltshire and I’ve felt a bit like that myself!

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