Sculpture Saturday: Orlando Furioso in Montpelier

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Oblivious to the suffering bronze figure carrying a horse, people sit at tables in the place de l’Europe, awaiting service in the sun. What days those were, what blissful days!

Inspired by a sixteenth-century Italian poem depicting the Fenosa, this bronze statue of Orlando Furioso is that of a man wearing a dead horse on his back, supposed to signify man’s strength in the face of adversity. 

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Linked to Montpelier (Antigone)

8 thoughts on “Sculpture Saturday: Orlando Furioso in Montpelier”

    1. It truly is and I’d recommend it to everyone wanting something different as it has medieval Montpelier, ‘old’ Montpelier and super modern Montpelier with stunning architecture, not to mention a lovely beach area just a tramride away. Your comment reminded me to put a link to my two posts about the town.


  1. This extraordinary work by Apel.les Fenosa (1899-1988) refers to an episode in the equally extraordinary adventures of Ariosto’s Orlando Furioso, driven mad by his unrequited love for Angelica. You probably need to have read the poem (I haven’t!) to fully appreciate what is represented.

    Fenosa doesn’t seem to be a hugely popular sculptor but Picasso apparently encouraged him and bought a number of his early works.

    There is a curious contrast in your photo between the raging, suffering Orlando and people sitting quietly enjoying a drink in the sun nearby.

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    1. I haven’t read the poem either but I do like the sculpture. It could be that for a lot of people there is a surfeit of such statues in this part of Montpelier and on a sunny day what is nicer than sitting in the sun enjoying a coffee.


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