Cargo Ship Moments

Cargo ships hold a magic for me that no other sailing vessels do, and the best of them were the ships of the South African company Safmarine, known as The Big Whites.

Dreaming of far away places now that travel is impossible, I was looking through my photographs and remembering former happy times, sailing the ocean. Our last trip we were only 6 passengers and a crew of about 20. Crew and passengers mixed, ate together, swopped CDs and DVDs, played Trivial Pursuit in the evenings and did shopping for each other when in port.

Ocean Sunset

Sunday was the big day, Barbie Day. South Africans, like Australians, are devoted to their barbecues and Sunday were barbie days (when out on the ocean). It was dress down day and the crew wore whatever they fancied – even the captain sported a pair of coloured shorts and a battered straw hat! This was Chef Eddie doing his thing somewhere off South America.

Chef does his thing at the barbie

I believe the Safmarine fleet has been disbanded now but I shall always remember The Big Whites with affection.