10-Day Travel Photo Challenge: #2

I have been nominated by my namesake Marie at Hops, Skips and Jumps to take part in the Travel Photo Challenge which involves posting one favourite travel picture for each day and nominating another blogger to do the same – that’s 10 travel pictures and 10 nominations in ten days – but 0 explanations!

Some of my favourites you may have seen before but I’ll do my best to sort through and find something different each day. It’s hard to decide whether I like a picture because I think it is good or because it reminds me of happy times – sometimes it’s both and that’s a plus. Lucky there’s no text required so I may make it to Day 10 despite Covid and Christmas.

Today I nominate Jo at restlessjo for the challenge. I hope you are able to join in Jo, if not already nominated, but if not, no pressure. If you do decided to join, please ping back to me to let me know.

6 thoughts on “10-Day Travel Photo Challenge: #2”

    1. No hassle, love. I thought that might be the answer but I had to ask. Keep well and enjoy this last weekend before Christmas. It’s getting colder here now. Once we felt this blew all the germs away, now we know better!


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