Challenge your Camera # Churches

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The Victorian Christchurch, Sandown, Isle of Wight, UK (consecrated 1847)

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    1. Thank you. I’ve just been looking at your site and I’ll be going back there to listen to some of the music. Looks interesting.


  1. My guidebook says the architecture of the cathedral is Norman-Arab which is more commonly known as Sicilian Romanesque but the interior mosaics are entirely Byzantine as King Roger brought the craftsmen from Constantinople to decorate. I think it was built in the 11th century when the Normans arrived in Sicily but the Arabs remained there for many decades afterwards.

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  2. What’s in a Name? I don’t mind what I’m called and I know my linking is confusing but when I signed up first I wasn’t aware that apostrophes weren’t used and so the ‘ got left out of the URL. Not a problem as I’m used to various pronunciations anyway, vying from the French Marie to the English Marie (with ong ‘a’ vowel) to my family pronunciation which is more like ‘marry’. So, Maris will do (bit like Stella Maris)!


  3. I’m not a great one for churches but I love the one at Cefalu because it’s got a row of cafes and bars outside and a gelateria on the corner, making it a very family sort of place in the evening and for once, the church actually seems part of people’s real lives.


  4. Well, I’ve seen St. Michael’s at Lucca, and All Saints at Godshill (I have an almost identical photo but there are people in it 🙂 ) but I’d love to see those in Sicily.


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