Spring just around the corner

Hush, hush, whisper who dare, plants are a-budding and spring’s in the air.

Sorry about that paraphrasing but with everything springing into life in my garden today I couldn’t resist it.

I think these may have been out for a couple of days but the weather has been so inclement that I just couldn’t face it, but today I went to check what was happening to the last rose to keep flowering (and to take a picture of it). I found it had been blown away by the strong winds. Branches of my camellias had broken off, but there are great signs of spring with daffodil bulbs, snowdrops, crocuses, Daphne and Camellias all showing signs of bursting forth any minute now.

I can forget Covid19, just for a little while.

9 thoughts on “Spring just around the corner”

  1. My yellow winter jasmine has decided to bloom this weekend – another good omen – but the daffs are resistent to popping their buds. Normally I have a carpet of yellow in my garden by now but not this year.


  2. Such beautiful reminders that spring is just around the corner. Spotted some crocuses and a daffodil on a walk here recently…and buds on the tree branches. Yes, covid can be forgotten at times like these!

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  3. I agree about the forecast. I have mine set to my town as one part of the island, even if it’s only around the corner 3 miles away, can be quite different to another. We seldom have snow but we are having an awful lot of rain recently.


  4. All signs of spring are welcome – and we have seen a few ourselves – but with snow forecast this weekend, it seems we have a way to go yet before spring declares itself. Then again, the forecasts often turn out wrong, so we can hope!

    (Having a weather app on your phone really makes the point about the (in)accuracy weather forecasts as it shows the forecast changing literally hour by hour!)

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    1. Actually my snowdrops and daffodils are late this year. Last year in mid-January I had a blaze of yellow but so far nothing but buds and I think I’ve lost a lot of bulbs due to the heavy rains we’ve had. Life as a gardener is never easy.


  5. This is the first time mine have lasted for more than 3 years so I’m feeling very pleased with myself. The broken branches I have taken indoors in the hope that the buds might open. I’ve put them on a sunny windowsill in the kitchen where it’s warm, so who knows.


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