Spring’s last Flush of Colour

My one rhododendron has been magnificent this year but over the last few days I think it’s decided enough is enough. I see a fading beauty now whereas once I looked upon a blowsy pink lady. So I shall sadly say goodbye to her as I welcome the summer shoots that are already in evidence in the borders.


Also saying goodbye to spring are the early tulips. In the mornings they are stately and closed up, standing erect and proud as tulips do, but by afternoon as they open to the sun I see a deterioration.

And looking towards the summer is my new baby Acer, still in a small pot but due to be transferred when the wind dies down, and the older, lovely red Acer which I’ve had now for 5 years.

11 thoughts on “Spring’s last Flush of Colour”

    1. I think I got carried away with the sight of the sun. I went out about noon today to pop to the Newsagent, full sunshine, so I wore only a tee and a hoodie (enough as it was warm). When I was ten minutes away from home the skies darkened and within a few minutes we had a heavy shower. No shelter so I just had to plot on. Lesson learned.

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  1. And London can’t be beaten for its green spaces. How lucky we are to have such parks! You’ll notice I still say ‘we’ as I still think of myself as a Londoner despite over 50 years on the isle of Wight! A friend of mine once wrote an article on walking from Hampstead to the city using only the parks. It was a fascinating piece, I wish I could turn it up but I can’t remember which newspaper she wrote it for.


  2. It has certainly been a good year for blossom and spring flowers, though, to be honest, I have paid far more attention to the changing seasons during the pandemic than ever before. Being limited to “local” walks has made me more observant and attentive to changes in our environment.

    Our “garden” is the parks and squares in our local London borough. We can enjoy them without the hard work of gardening!


  3. Tiny, three raised beds (one for raspberries, beans and tomatoes, my only veg) and two funny bits in the middle with very little depth so most things have to be in pots – and I have pots and pots because I keep buying things I can’t put in the garden so have to have Another pot! My garden would never win prizes but it is colourful, untidy (I call it ‘interesting’) and most of my plants have a perfume.


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