Just One Person – in Madrid

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I was reminded of this man and his 100-year-old leather glove-making shop when I read a recent post of Cady’s so I dug out my photographs and scanned them in. I have no dates on them, no details, but I know it was a long time ago. I still have the gloves I bought from him and I remember the shop so well because it was a very extravagant purchase: they are in very unserviceable colours but I’m a glove nut and just had to have them.

I can’t remember the address but I could take you there if we were in Madrid. There are a few famous glove shops in this area but this one was just a few steps away from the Puerta del Sol and the 4th generation member of the family who attended to me, told me that it moved to its current location in the early 20th century from its first location in the famous Plaza itself  

The proprietor and some of his hand-made stock

See that shocking pink pair on the top shelf, and the blue ones on the right? Well, I bought those two pairs, plus a burnt orange pair and a navy and white pair – my entire spending money gone in one purchase! The orange, pink and blue gloves are still wrapped in tissue paper, still pristine, as they are not the sort of gloves you wear very often but the navy and white ones have seen a lot of service since that spend-up day in Madrid.

Why I bought them I’ll never know. I think it was just the excitement of seeing so much beautiful leather worked into gloves and, as I said, I love gloves – even if I never get to wear them. They are a bit like books to me, to have and to hold is reward enough. And can you imagine the smell of soft leather in that shop? It probably softened my brain a bit!

The working part of the shop, sewing-machine on table

My burnt-orange gloves are in the middle of the bottom shelf and they fit like a dream. Soft, pliable, luxurious leather lined with silk. I like buying gloves in Spain because they stock small sizes and as I take a size 6 I find it nearly impossible to buy them in the UK.

This shop, where time seems to have stood still, retains the mirrors, the counter, the old cash register and the sewing machine – everything is the same as it was in the mid-20th century. Above all, the attention to detail, the understanding of the customer’s needs and the very personal service is what makes this place special.

When this Covid thing is over and I can return to Madrid, I will seek out this shop again and get full particulars, then come back and insert the details in this Post.

19 thoughts on “Just One Person – in Madrid”

  1. I LOVE gloves!!! Like yourself I’ve the ones I wear and wear and then there are the few colours that just come out on occasion…
    And of course you love your literature Mari… wasn’t Shakespeare’s father a glovemaker? (showing off here😅 )

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    1. Yes, your right. Did you know they used to perfume the gloves as well so certain kinds of leather had to be chosen for this purpose? I have a hair of elbow-length brown leather ones with fur-trimming I bought in St Petersburg many, many years ago but they can’t be worn with normal coats so they never get an airing. Such a pity because they would have been ideal this winter with its cold winds. Glad you like gloves as well. I might have guessed!


  2. Oh, isn’t this just the place? It’s so nice to have an indulgence that comes in many colors! I’d be drawn to the hot pink ones and the orange too, something not too many others would have! We wore gloves as kids and along with hats that has gone by the wayside for many! But, when my sister and I was in Edinburgh and the queen had her garden party…….EVERY WOMAN in Edinburgh was wearing a hat! We spent one entire day shopping for the perfect fascinators! Every time, there is a big event coming from the UK our neighborhood women gather together to watch and have our own party to celebrate! AND I WEAR MY FASCINATOR! Cady

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    1. Good for you! Nothing like dressing up for one’s own satisfaction. I still wear gloves but mainly because I’ve always got cold hands so the slightest chill in the air sends me for my gloves. Not hats though, I gave them up a long time ago, but this year i had to buy one to hide under during the lockdown as I looked terrible with scrawny hair!


  3. I can just imagine the wonderful smell in here. And those colours are glorious, no wonder you had to buy! Those shocking pink ones would look amazing with a black coat 🙂

    But I have a theory … I reckon you want to go back not so much to get the details for this post but to buy more gloves, or at least, to do both! Am I right?!!! 😜

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    1. Yes, and it’s nice to see an untidy shop as well as this always seems to denote real artisan work. I would have liked to do a longer piece on how they choose different leathers for different dyes but it would have a very niche appeal and it could very easily turn people of reading it.

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    1. I wouldn’t trust myself not to buy more if I got back there – I’ve got no self-control when it comes to things like that. My husband always knew what to buy me for a present so he picked gloves up when he found a small size and kept them for birthdays and suchlike. Shortly before he died, I drove him to our local “old-fashioned” leather shop and he bought me a beautiful pair of soft black leather gloves. When he came to pay for them he had neither money nor credit cards with him so I ended up paying. I never wear them because I am so afraid of losing them! Stupid, isn’t it.


    1. Ah, Earrings, that’s another weakness of mine! I’d forgotten that. I’ve got boxes of un-used earrngs bought because I’m a sort of magpie when it comes to sparkly things. I buy the most unsuitable sort as well, but they are fun and I don’t spend a lot of money on them – well, not often.


      1. Mine mostly came from John’s work travels – he would usually bring me back a pair. He has good taste, and knew my favourite colour, but sometimes the shade didn’t QUITE go with anything I had, so I had to go shopping. Who knew there were so many turquoises?

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