New Computer Problems

Well, I finally bit the bullet and bought the new computer (HP All-in-one 27″ dazzler) which, of course, had to have Win 10 and the new MS 365 so I have two new systems to get used to. The computer itself is great and I’m spending hours in the day just looking at my photographs which show up so well – even the bad ones – on this great screen. I bought it direct from HP which turned out to be the cheapest in the end as they gave me a good discount.

I haven’t read or commented on any of the people whose blogs I follow as I just haven’t had the time nor have I posted anything,. It is taking so much longer to transfer everything over than I thought it would, plus there are the everyday problems that life throws at one to contend with as well. This is sort of a round-robin apology to those whose posts I read and comment on but I will be back soon.

At least I hope so, as I haven’t managed to get WP up on the new computer. I can’t log-in because it won’t recognise my email address – which has been the same now for about 8 years – and without access to my blog I can’t do anything. I have put a query on the site but as it isn’t coming from my own blog site I don’t know how long it will take them to sort out the problem. I know it’s probably my fault – most things like this are – but I find that coping with the new machine, the new systems and having to work with the two computer screens on the desk is not helping. I could do a blog on this old computer which is still working but I have to get the other one up and running so feel I must concentrate on that.

I’ll be back.

7 thoughts on “New Computer Problems”

  1. Transition time, at least the old computer still works, that’s ideal. The time will come when all the improvements of the new computer will make up for the efforts. Good luck!


  2. Thanks. I was a bit too cocky thinking I could do it all myself! However, this email from yhou has come to my new computer (where everything else has transferred seamlessly) and I see that it is on my site here. Now I’m wondering if it will remain when I close this. Watch this space!


  3. No need to apologize for any absence, Mari, but thanks for the heads-up. I’m sorry to hear of your computer problems. That – transferring everything and getting it to work properly again – is what I’m afraid of, too, even in Dell [and I would get a Dell] offers help and a special software to transfer programmes. I don’t remember any problems of that kind, though with my laptops.
    Well, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you.


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